Bemerton in Wartime, April 2006

Evacuees who came to Bemerton from Portsmouth, people still living in the village and those who have moved away but still think of Bemerton with fondness have all contributed their stories to the memories from World War 2 in this book. Their stories are supported by an account of how the War was reported in the pages of the Parish Magazine and a fascinating account of the war defences in the village - the tank traps, the blast walls and of course the Pill Box that can still be seen by Bemerton Farm. The book is illustrated with photos of life as it was and some colour photographs of Bemerton today.
Book cover
child in gasmask To order this book:
"Bemerton in Wartime" costs 6=00 (5=00 + 1=00 P&P) and can be purchased by post. Send a cheque, payable to Bemerton Local History Society, together with your name and address to Bemerton Local History Society, 86 Lower Road, Salisbury, SP2 9NJ
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George Herbert in Bemerton

George Herbert in Bemerton, October 2005

This book is an excerpt from Ronald Blythe's book Divine Landscapes, first published in 1986 and now out of print.
It is a beautifully written piece, full of insights and reflections, prefaced with a new Foreward by Vikram Seth. It is illustrated with modern photographs and old prints. The author describes his visit to Bemerton to discover what sort of man the poet and pastor might have been.
Copies of the book are available in local bookshops, price 4=95, or may be ordered from the publisher Hobnob Press.

Memories of the Hut, January 2004

Our first publication is a community history of Lower Bemerton's Village Hall, an army hut which was moved from Salisbury Plain to Lower Bemerton after World War I. For the next 50 years or so "the Hut", as it was called, was the centre of activities in the village. This 48-page booklet traces the history of the Hut from the memories of local residents and through records such as the Parish Magazine. The Hut was sold and removed in 1973 - a loss to the community which is felt to this day.
Memories of the Hut booklet